Chimpanzee Facts

January 31, 2002

• Wild chimpanzees are endangered; there are approximately 150,000 to 235,000 in the wild, whereas fifty years ago there were millions. Threats to the chimpanzees come from habitat destruction and the encroachment of human activity; poaching to capture infant chimpanzees for the pet trade and for entertainment; and the bushmeat crisis in central and west Africa.

• The average adult male chimpanzee is four feet tall and weighs 130 pounds.

• The average adult female chimpanzee is three feet tall and weighs less than 100 pounds. Chimpanzees live approximately thirty-five to forty-five years in the wild or fifty years in captivity.

• Wild chimpanzees eat mostly fruits, seeds, leaves, and flowers, but are sometimes known to hunt, kill, and eat meat (young monkeys or bush pigs).

• Chimpanzees live in hierarchical communities of twenty-five to ninety individuals. Chimpanzee habitat is rainforests, woodlands, and grasslands with trees.

--The Sedgwick County Zoo, Wichita, Kansas