Drop and Give Me 36

June 1, 2004
Chemistry professor and program founder Pirrung
Chemistry professor and program founder Pirrung
Participants laboring in the lab

Setting a grueling pace: chemistry professor and program founder Pirrung, top and center; participants laboring in the lab, above. Photos: Les Todd


Here is the schedule of classes offered in this year's Biotechnology for Business program, held on campus May 2-6:

Sunday, May 2

Basic Chemistry
Cell Biology I--Proteins/enzymes
Cell Biology II- Plasma Membrane and Organization of the Cell

Monday, May 3

Genetics I--Classical Genetics
Genetics II--Molecular Basis of Inheritance
Cell Biology III--Expression of Genetic Material
Cell Biology IV--Expression of Genetic Material
Cell Biology V--Cytoskeleton and Cell Junctions
Molecular Biology I--Cloning
Tools in Molecular Biology
Blotting and Hybridization--Detecting DNA and RNA Homology Polymerase
Chain Reaction (PCR)
DNA Microarrays

Tuesday, May 4

Molecular Biology--Cloning of the Human Neurofibromatosis 2 Gene
Genetics III--Transgenic Technology
Genetics and Development
Pharmacology--Receptor Pharmacology
Pharmacology--Signal Transduction, Drug Delivery
Pharmacology - Individual Drugs
Laboratory Experience--Part 1 (Group 1) Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Laboratory Experience--Part II (Group 1)
Gel Electrophoresis

Wednesday, May 5

Stem Cells and Therapeutic Cloning
Physiological Actions of Drugs
Responses to Trauma and Infection 1
Responses to Trauma and Infection 2
Responses to Trauma and Infection 3
Responses to Trauma and Infection 4
Laboratory Experience--Part I (Group 2) Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Laboratory Experience - Part II (Group 2) Gel Electrophoresis

Thursday, May 6

Drug Discovery
Human Genome and Human Genome Project
Engineering I--Scale-up of Biological Products
Regulatory Issues, Media, Cell Growth Models, Recombinants
Engineering II--Bioreactor Design and Operation
Eukaryotic--Cell Culture
Engineering III--Downstream Processing and Examples of Engineering Scale-Up