Extra Credit-Homecoming Slate

October 1, 2010


Extra Credit
Homecoming Slate

In the fall of 1970, photos of Homecoming Queen candidates were posted on the West Campus main quad, and voting took place over several days. We’ve identified all but two candidates (numbers 9 and 11).

Let us know if you recognize our unidentified contestants. E-mail us at dukemag@duke.edu, send us a tweet @dukemagazine, or post your answer to our Facebook wall.

1. Christy Stauffer Sturgeon
2. Lauren Munro
3. Hope Evans Parrott
4. Linda Collins Hankins
5. Leigh Emerson Komen
6. Merril Ware Carrington
7. Georgia Pournaras Stamas
8. Carolyn Reid
10. Marcia Kyzer Allen
12. Thurletta Brown-Gavins

Updated 10-12-2010: Correction to duplicate number 4s on image and correction of Marcia Kyzer Allen's name.