Welcome Back

June 1, 2007

More than 3,500 alumni, family members, and guests gathered on campus for Reunions Weekend in April. Here's a roundup of attendance: Class of 1957, 278 attending; Class of 1962, 110; Class of 1967, 138; Class of 1972, 209 (a 35th reunion record); Class of 1977, 200; Class of 1982, 416; Class of 1987, 566; Class of 1992, 296; Class of 1997, 509; Class of 2002, 715 (a 5th reunion record).

Throughout the weekend, alumni mingled with classmates at class-headquarters tents and affinity-group tents located in Krzyzewskiville; toured buildings and research centers that have sprung up on campus in the years since they graduated; lunched in Cameron Indoor Stadium; enjoyed a dance performance at The Ark on East Campus; and took in various faculty and student panels and lectures. Rob Jackson, a professor of biology, delivered a lecture called "Left or Right Brain? A Biologist's Secret Life as a Children's Poet." Gareth Guvanasen, a Pratt School of Engineering junior, talked about the study of robotics at Duke.

The celebration peaked with Saturday night's Reunions Gala, held in a festival tent across from the soccer and lacrosse fields, where alumni ate, drank, and danced the night away to jazz, swing, and funk. Mid-evening they stepped outside to enjoy a fireworks display before heading back for another dance.

Photos by Les Todd, Megan Morr, Butch Usery, Jim Wallace.