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Kristine Stiles

ART WILL BE....2009-2034

Art will be more principled, less cynical;
more contemplative, less impetuous;
more introspective, less spectacular;
more accommodating, less belligerent;
more accountable, less self-interested;
more expressive, less conceptual;
more psychic, more and more;
more aesthetic, less kitschy;
more poetic, less theoretical;
more cosmopolitan, less nationalistic;
more local, less global.

There will be increased attention to depth of content over spectacle.

Art will be individualistic, yet less self-sufficient;
relational, yet less interpersonal;
soulful, yet not less cerebral;
techno-corporeal, yet not less phenomenological;
about animals, yet less about an animal;
environmental, yet less about nature;
more about violence, more and more;
proficient, yet less expert;
unusual and stubbornly determined, yet less skilled;
more about labor, yet less about work;
more about race, yet less about racism.

There will be increased attention to socialization and the mechanics of emotion.

Art will include more drawings; more prints;
more paintings, more collages;
more architecture, fewer sculptures;
more performance, more theatrical productions;
more installation, fewer earthworks;
more photography, video, and multimedia, more and more, more and more;
more animation and film, more and more
more virtual reality, avatars, and hypermedia, more and more;
more archives, fewer books;
more artists, fewer curators;
more specialists, fewer public.

There will be an increase in the visualization of trauma and need.

Artists will attend more & more to human/animal interfaces;
genomics, genetics & telematics;
micro & macro technology from Nano & Endo to the Very Large Array;
neuro & cognitive sciences, the neurobiology  of vision & the engineering of visual technologies;
robotics in culture, medicine, industry & space;
exploration of the oceans & dynamic social systems related to quantum & chaos theory;
military industrial, congressional, informational, communicational complex & Paul Virilio's Pure War (1983);
surveillance & the semiotics of advertising & the media;
global economies, exchange & exploitation;
all feminisms, genders & sexual identities;
all spiritual & religious philosophies & questions of conscience & consciousness.

There will be an increase in creativity, rather than mere production.

Art will be more aesthetic, less ironical;
more on the peripheries, less in centers;
more unified and include more and more diversity;
more collaborative, less connected;
more erotic, less pornographic;
more real, less symbolic;
more sentient, less self-consciously political;
more socialist, less capitalist;
more questioning, less certain;more sober, less earnest.

There will be an increase in all scholarship on world art.

artwork by Dan Perjovschi
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