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That Was Then, This is Now

President of the U.S.
Ronald Reagan (R)
Barack Obama (D)
Duke president
Terry Sanford
Richard H. Brodhead
Academy Award Best Picture
The Killing Fields
Slumdog Millionaire
Student government
Record of the year
"What's Love Got To Do With It?", Tina Turner
"Please Read The Letter," Alison Krauss and Robert Plant
Sign of Downtown Durham Development
Brightleaf Square opens
American Tobacco complex expands
Concerts at Duke
R.E.M., Cyndi Lauper, Mike Cross, Billy Idol
Dashboard Confessional, Ben Folds, Gym Class Heroes
Drinking age at Duke
State-of-the-art Technology
Fuqua: two IBM mainframes linked to 42 IBM PCs
DIVE virtual reality theater
Dreaded intro course
Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Commencement Speaker
Katharine Graham, chair and CEO of The Washington Post Company
Oprah Winfrey
Female fashion trend
Leg warmers
Tuition for entering freshmen
Duke phone system
All prefixes are 684
All phones converting to VOIP
Hoof 'n' Horn show
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Little Shop of Horrors
Dow Jones
1,183 (May 1)
8,212 (May 1)
Most popular major among seniors
Photo credits:
Ronald Reagan © David Woo/The Dallas Morning News/Corbis; The Killing Fields, AFP/Getty Images; Tina Turner ©Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis;Ben Folds ©Matt Rainey/The Star-Ledger/Corbis; IBM Mainframes, John Humble, Katharine Graham ©Doug Menuez/Corbis; Little Shop of Horrors, Getty Images; Oprah Winfrey ©David Paul Morris/San Francisco Chronicle/Corbis
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Quad Quotes

Quad Quotes aims to bring the voices of campus to our readers. In this special anniversary installment, we present some of the more memorable snippets of speech that have appeared in our pages over the past twenty-five years.

"The series of recessions and the excess capacities in some industries along with the accompanying unemployment have intensified protectionist pressures."
—Leonard Silk Ph.D. '47, Hon. '78, New York Times economics colum-nist, in July-August 1984 story "Sizing Up the New Prosperity"

"Islam has many faces, and we [Americans] are in danger of seeing only that face labeled 'extremism,' 'fanaticism,' 'militancy,' which seems to mirror our own concerns."
—Bruce Lawrence, Nancy and Jeffrey Marcus Humanities Professor of religion, in September-October 1984 story
"The Mysteries of Islam"

"No black person has ever raised the level of discourse to that point, and neither the Democratic nor Republican party will ever be the same. There exists in this country something that did not ever exist before: the image of a black person who can be president of the United States."
—John Hope Franklin, James B. Duke Professor of history, in reference to Jesse Jackson s 1984 presidential bid, in November-December 1984 story "A Continuing Climate of Racism"

"All academics in some deep way want to clone themselves. We would like everybody to take our discipline as seriously as we do ourselves. What we find are students who are not open to abandoning themselves to the allure of learning."
—Peter Burian, associate professor of classical studies, in September-October 1987 story
"What Has Allan Bloom Wrought?"

"People ask me, 'Why get involved with technology?' They tell me the best protection for the ocean would be to leave it alone. If we were in fact leaving it alone, I'd agree, but in fact we're changing the ocean dramatically, and at an accelerating rate."
—Sylvia Earle A.M. '56, Ph.D. '66, cofounder of Deep Ocean Engineering Inc., in July-August 1988 story
"Voyager to the Bottom of the Sea"

"Our response to AIDS in the last decade was to help people die. Now we are looking at AIDS as a chronic illness rather than an acute illness."
—Harry G. Britt '60, president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, in June-July 1990 story "San Francisco s Uphill Battle"

"The Iraqis are frightened, poorly fed, and want to go home. This does not mean that I underestimate them."
—Lieutenant General E. Walter Boomer '60, on facing down Iraqi forces in Operation Desert Storm, in February-March 1991 story
"Digging in With the Marines"

"The place is filled with handsome Gothic structures meant to make Duke look much older than it really is, like pre-washed jeans."
—Garrison Keillor, writer, impresario, and radio personality in a taping of
A Prairie Home Companion held in Page Auditorium, in March-April 1994 Quad Quotes

"I forgot myself for a couple of moments. I turned to the president—forgetting that we had all been instructed to call him 'Mr. President'—and I said, 'Dick, are you still a lousy dancer?'"
—Sigrid Pederson Foley '36, L '37, classmate of Richard M. Nixon LL.M. '37, at a White House-hosted reunion, in July-August 1994 story
"I've Won a Few and Lost a Few"

"The debacle currently unfolding aboard [the] Mir space station argues against sending people to Mars any time soon. To think about a manned Mars mission now is like planning your next cruise during an abandon-ship exercise."
—Alex Roland Ph.D. '74, history department chair and former NASA historian, in an op-ed for
USA Today, in September-October 1997 Heard Around Campus

"Here's the best college team in America.... But they are not the show. As good as they are, they play second-fiddle to the crowd."
—Tom Wolfe, writer, on the Cameron Crazies, in the May-June 1999 story
"A Fan in Full"

"Edens C gate arm broken. Edens C gate arm broken again. Blue Zone gate arm broken. Blue Zone gate arm broken once more."
—A series of headlines in the "Crime Briefs" section of The Chronicle, in May-June 2002 Heard Around Campus

"For us, sex was the Super Bowl of relationships. For many of today's youngsters, it s just a pickup game."
—William J. Raspberry, Knight Professor of the practice of communications and journalism, on the college hook-up culture, in May-June 2005 Quad Quotes

"Since in modern America the notion prevails that getting your kids into a selective college is the highest known parental attainment and possibly your mission on Earth, you may be feeling twinges of self-congratulation. And why not? Your kid goes to Duke! Your life's work is done."
—President Richard H. Brodhead, joking with parents during convocation, in November-December 2005 Quad Quotes

"For most of my career as a law professor, I thought one needed about a year to agonize over an issue before publishing one's thoughts. So, this more conversational format, which involves typing what comes to one's mind and then hitting the send button, sometimes strikes me as nuts."
—Walter E. Dellinger III, Douglas Blount Maggs Professor of law, on his regular exchange of published e-mail messages about current legal issues with writer Dahlia Lithwick, on Slate.com, in September-October 2006 Quad Quotes

"Though he's left-handed, going for the basket, he likes to drive right."
—Reggie Love '05, personal aide to then-candidate Barack Obama, on his boss' hoops habits, in September-October 2008 Q&A